Play Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs

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(Electronic Download Only) - Play Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs. These play skills printables will work well for any students whose special needs include developmental delays or it may work for younger students in primary grades learning to develop play skills. The printables can supplement a play or social skills curriculum or they can be used daily as a discussion starter for developing play skills. Much like the Social Skills Printables for Students with Autism and Similar Special Needs, this packet includes play skills related worksheets that require variations in response styles for many answers. (Ex. matching, cutting, circling, and pasting.) The skills are broken up into sections: Toys, Playground Skills, Playing with Others, Games and Playtime Emotions.




Cause & Effect Triangle

Cause & Effect Words

Play Words

Toys or Not Toys

Identify Toys

Match Toys

Functional Play Activities 

Categorize Toys

Attributes Applied to Toys

Symbolic Play

Making a Choice(Field of 2)

What is This? What is it Called? What Does it Do?

Cards to Help With Play Skills







Hanging Around


Hula Hoop

Tell This Story

Time Out (Playground)

What Can You Do with a Basketball?

Ball Play

Jumping Around at the Playground

Playground Narratives

Match the Playground Activities



Taking Turns.

Take Turns Playing

Roles in Dramatic Play

Games, Games, Games

Ask Someone to Play

Make Comments in Play


Playtime Voices

Trace Words - Imagination

Game Terms

I Don’t Want To Play This, What Do I Do?

I Want to Play This, What Do I Say?



My Play…These Games I Like

My Play…These Games I Have Played

My Play…These Games and Activities I Do NOT Like

My Play…These Games I Have Not Played

Playground Games


Games Have Rules

1,2,3 Red Light, Green Light

Dodge Ball

Hide and Seek (Hider)

Hide and Seek (Seeker)

Losing a Game



What Are They Feeling?

My Play...These Things Make Me Anxious About Playing

Coping with Losing a Game

Words Kids Use in a Game

Losing: What Can you Say?

Describe a Feeling (Winning)

Winning Words Graphic Organizer

What is a Teammate?


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