Language Skills Printables for Students with Autism & Similar Special Needs

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(Electronic Download Only) -These Language Skills Printables will work well for any students whose special needs include developmental delays or it may work for younger students in primary grades learning new skills about labeling items, colors, alphabet letters, days of the week, months, action words, prepositions, opposites, and answering questions. The printables can supplement any curriculum. This packet includes language skills related worksheets that require variations in response styles for many answers. (Ex. Marking, matching, cutting, circling, and pasting.)

NOTE: Some pages require instructors to gather items ahead of time. Color pages require instructors to color in some parts of the page before teaching.

What’s Included…


Matching Object to Object

Put with the Same

Match with the Same

Match to the Same

Same and Different

Matching Picture to Picture

More Matching Picture to Picture

Matching Photo to Photo

Matching Object to Outline

Matching Object to Photo

Matching Picture to the Real Object

Color Wheel

Match Colors

Match Colors 2

Identify Colors

Say the Color

Read Color Words

Spell Color Words

Match Days of the Week

Match Days on the Calendar

Spell the Days of the Week (page 1 of 2)

Spell the Days of the Week (page 2 of 2)

Match Months


Name the Months


Match Letters

Match Letters 2

Match The Letters of Your Name

Alphabet Bounce

Alphabetical Order

Upper and Lowercase Match

Match Upper and Lowercase (Page 1 of 2)

Match Upper and Lowercase (Page 2 of 2)

Eyes, Mouth, Arms & Feet

Parts of the Body

Mark the Same – Parts of the Body

Matching Words - Parts of the Body

Spelling Test

Items at Lunch

Things We See at the Salon

What is This?



Seasons 2

What Do You Wear When It Is Hot?

Dress Jen for Cold Weather


Sorting the Items

Sort 2

Sort 3


Sort By Shape


Big and Small

Sort by Size

Cut and Sort


First, Next, Last


Name the Group


Match the Opposites

Color by Opposite

What Does it Feel Like - Opposites



Action Words

Class Jobs



In Front, Next to, Between and Behind

Prepositions 2

Which Preposition?

Prepositions at School

Follow the Actions


Label School Skills

Follow School Directions

Follow 2-Step Commands

Answer Who Questions

Answer What Questions


Asking When

How to Get Someone’s Attention

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